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Why Search Engine Optimization?

Fact: Google alone has indexed more than 130 trillion web pages

Fact: Fewer than 9% of people go past the first page of search results

Conclusion: If you want to show up on search results, you need to incorporate SEO into your website

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SEO: A Brief History

In the early days of the internet, SEO could easily be a forgotten afterthought. Just stuff a few keywords in a meta tag and you’re good to go. It’s evolved quite a lot since then!

Every day as more and more web pages are added to search engines, your competition increases. SEO is increasing in difficulty every day and the trend will continue to increase as the internet matures.

Being aware of Search Engine Optimization on your site is imperative. Whether you choose a DIY route or work with us to help, the better your site is optimized for search, the stronger your likelihood of getting in front of your ideal site visitors.

Understanding Google

Google is most people’s go-to search engine. Just think about it. The company name has now become a verb synonymous with online search. And company is less than 20 years old!

How did they become so popular? By providing the most relevant search results to anyone using their search engine. They hire some of the world’s most gifted engineers to continually improve their search algorithms – about twice per day their algorithm is updated!

Think about it… If Google started returning irrelevant search results for it’s users, how long would people continue to use their site? A few days? A few weeks? Probably not a few months.

Without users searching, Google then has no market to sell AdWords ads to and instantly loses about 2/3rds of its revenue, essentially making a company valued at $700 billion bankrupt.

Google’s existence depends on returning the most relevant search results to users.

The key to great Search Engine Optimization starts with letting Google know that your site and webpages are the most relevant out there for your desired search terms.

In essence, great SEO is making Google quickly understand what your site is about. By helping Google with this, they in turn will see the relevance of your site and start ranking it higher. One hand washes the other