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Plaid Labs is a Toronto-based Digital Marketing Agency which specializes in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Strategy specifically for WordPress websites. Check out our services below:


Digital Strategy is teasing out the questions behind the questions. It is identifying the the goals of a website, creating a plan to efficiently achieve these goals, implement the plan and monitor its success. Click here to learn more about Digital Strategy

Web Dev

Website Development is all about creating an appealing website that is aligned to your marketing goals. Great care is taken into defining website goals, user experience, and visitor behavior. Click here to learn more about Website Development


Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your website as appealing to Google and other search engines as it is to your visitors. It’s about having your website win the internet popularity contest. Click here to learn more about SEO

Great Results

We love helping clients succeed.
Whether it’s increasing engagement, sales, search rankings or awareness, the joy of success is contagious. Check out some of our results.

Great Experience

Relationships matter.
Creating outstanding client relationships is essential.  Check out what some clients have to say about the Plaid Labs experience.

Learn. Build. Grow.

These are the building blocks of the Plaid Labs philosophy. We want to help everyone learn more about digital marketing, how it can be used to build up and grow their business. 

Whether you’re into a DIY solution or want us to take the lead in developing a killer campaign for business development, we can help.


Knowledge is power. It can be a daunting task to keep up-to-date on everything going on in the digital marketing world. We will help you succeed with our resources to get the most out of all of the digital marketing tools available to you.


Learning is great, but it’s how you build on that knowledge and apply it, implement it, and make it your own, where success really starts to take root. We are experienced in building websites and integrated marketing strategies.


The process doesn’t stop when a project is successfully up and running. Growth starts with identifying what is bringing you the most success and building upon it. This is done through testing, tweaking, and scaling your business.

Who are our clients

Here are a few of the folks we’ve helped out over the years with various digital marketing projects

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A bit about our company

Below are a few things we are really good at:

Marketing Strategy
Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing

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